Модель FBT13 (CPD13) FBT16 (CPD16) FBT18 (CPD18) FBT20 (CPD20)
Тип питания Аккумулятор (Hawker)
Аккумулятор 48 В / 500 Ач 48В / 625Ач
Электрический контроллер ЗАПИ
Номинальная грузоподъемность (кг) 1300 1600 1800 2000
Центр нагрузки (мм) 500
Габаритные размеры
(без вилки) (ДхШхВ (мм))
1855x1082x2080 1955x1082x2080 2075x1140x2080

Compact and ergonomic design with high-performance components make VSM’s 3-wheel electric forklift become a reliable and cost-saving machine to your material handling solution.The adjustable steering column and adjustable comfort seat offer individual adjustments for all operators.Reasonable layout of the brake pedal,accelerator pedal and control levers offer a comfortable space for operator.World-class PMP gear box,dual driving motors and separated hydraulic motor make sure the electric power turn into the useful power to the full.

The Energy Regeneration Function extend extra 15% working hours.